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Floor Four

A tale of horror with a twist of the Twilight Zone. The old, abandoned Saint Vincent Hospital is said to be haunted by the ghost of David Henry Coleman, the notorious serial killer, known as The Mangler. Continue reading “Floor Four”


Glimmer of Hope (Land of Tomorrow #1)

This is a story of a family. Nathan and his Wife and two sons trek after a nuclear holocaust to his childhood hometown. Having to run from radiation, survive attacks and make dire choices. They risk losing their humanity. Continue reading “Glimmer of Hope (Land of Tomorrow #1)”

The Secret Bunker #1

A cold war bunker now used for a tourist destination. Dan and his parents visit and while inside the world is enveloped with darkness. Dan investigates and finds there is more to the bunker than just being a vacation destination to tour.

Continue reading “The Secret Bunker #1”


Tom Stokes is a bush pilot who ventures out to make some repairs on a remote hunting camp. It’s going to be the worst day of his life when a storm squall hits on his return home forcing him to do an emergency landing with his cessna. He crashes into a lake side cabin and finds himself in the lap of a fugitive of the law who is also running from his brother who is a drug lord. He finds he’s got to save himself, his pregnant wife and small son.  Continue reading “Squall”

A Journal of Sin (Sarah Gladstone #1)

PC Sarah Gladstone is visiting her mother when a storm hits and the town is flooded with no way out. A priest is murdered and there’s a journal of his that is left holding secrets of the townspeople. Sarah is called on to solve the murder. No forensic team and no support and there’s a killer on the loose. Continue reading “A Journal of Sin (Sarah Gladstone #1)”

Sweet Girl (Book 1.5)

Nicola Hart has the hots for Cash Garrison. For years she grew up with Cash and her brother as best friends. Protective of her. She has been fighting the slow burn she feels for him. Cash being her brother’s best friend means off limits. Getting with Cash could mean disaster. Continue reading “Sweet Girl (Book 1.5)”

Cappuccinos, Cupcakes & A Corpse

A young woman named Fransesca moves back to her hometown to run the family business in Cape Bay, Massachusetts. She finds her neighbor’s body on her way home taking a short cut. The police suspect her of poisoning him.

Continue reading “Cappuccinos, Cupcakes & A Corpse”

Lust, Money & Murder (Book #1)

The book ends in a major cliff hanger and to find out more the next book needs to be purchased,.
I found the book very well written and the main character Elaine is
a believable character who gets something within her grasp and something gives her another obstacle to overcome.

Continue reading “Lust, Money & Murder (Book #1)”

Plant Urth#1

Two hundred years in the future Avery finds her self at the age of 17 years in a world destroyed by war, the human population changed by disease and death. She’s not only responsible for her survival but her 8 year old sister as well. Having lost her father she’s forced to live deep in the forest. Unsure if they are the only one’s left. There’s high stakes of finding food, keeping undetected from others who were once humans. Chemical warefare changed them to what are called Urthmen. Are Avery and her sister truly alone? Continue reading “Plant Urth#1”

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