This boxed set consists of 4 books.

#0: Zero

#1: The Onset

#2: Crossroads

#3: Wasteland

There’s an infection spreading across the Southwest and people are changing. A few survivors fight to stay alive. Dan and his little girl set out to find safety after he finds his wife and the town had changed. Sam and Delta end up finding eachother and set out to find a place to survive too. Among the two duo’s are too friends that end up with Sam and Delta.

There’s not much I can say without giving spoilers and I really despise reading a review with spoilers. So I’m going to say that all the characters start out in their own stories as to why they are in the Southwest when strange things happen. They end up all finding eachother, then splitting up, then those surviving end up meeting up again, And at the end we get more insight into the who started the infection and why, and the mission to stop him.

I give this book 3 of 5 stars

I give the actually story line the three stars because the concept is really thought provoking. However the entire series is set in jumping between perspectives and is a bit confusing. I’ve had to skim back and find out when the perspective actually changed. I do find a few of the characters believable and they held the book together until the villan is revealed as to the why and how and it turned the book into the typical crazed man wanting to take over the world for a new race and became too far fetched. For me it wasn’t the villain that ruined it for me it was the exceedingly gross exhaggerated mentality of him. He didn’t seem real enough for me.