Two hundred years in the future Avery finds her self at the age of 17 years in a world destroyed by war, the human population changed by disease and death. She’s not only responsible for her survival but her 8 year old sister as well. Having lost her father she’s forced to live deep in the forest. Unsure if they are the only one’s left. There’s high stakes of finding food, keeping undetected from others who were once humans. Chemical warefare changed them to what are called Urthmen. Are Avery and her sister truly alone?

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars

I must say that I did start by thinking this book would be much like the movie After Earth with Will Smith. And by large it is it’s own story with some similarities. It is well written with a lot of depth in the character Avery. I’m curious more about the pre-Urthmen world and what led up to the chemical war that changed the biology of the human species and why Avery and her family were unaffected. That being said I have put the rest of the series on my wish list to read  some time in the future. A great story without the dreaded zombie bore that usually follows with some kind of plague.