The book ends in a major cliff hanger and to find out more the next book needs to be purchased,.
I found the book very well written and the main character Elaine is
a believable character who gets something within her grasp and something gives her another obstacle to overcome.

A one day read for me as I couldn’t put it down. Mike Wells wrote with just enough action to keep my attention. A little dialogue but not so much that it bombarded the story. The plot kept thickening and I was constantly wanting to know more and find out what happens. Details of the secret service and counterfeiting were enough to keep me in the story to understand what was going on and what Elaine’s knowledge and job was without being overwhelming.

I gave 5 of 5 stars for the rating on this book. This is the fastest I’ve read a book in a long time and I’m dying to read book #2 now.

The only suggestion I have is that maybe Mike Wells should put a note on his descriptions that if you happen to download it for free as a gift he gives that there will be a need to get the rest of the series. I did notice some reviews who gave him a low rating because they didn’t expect the huge cliff hanger and were all upset because they have no real closure in book #1.

I did receive this as a free download but that in no way influences my review. Even having paid for it I’d still find this an incredibly great book!