A young woman named Fransesca moves back to her hometown to run the family business in Cape Bay, Massachusetts. She finds her neighbor’s body on her way home taking a short cut. The police suspect her of poisoning him.

The victims son who is her childhood friend helps her hunt for the real killer and during the hunt they uncover the secrets of some of the towns people. Mystery, romance and some very delicious cupcakes and cappuccino fill this cozy mystery story. Recipes included as a bonus.

This was the first cozy mystery I’ve ever read. With that said the story flowed nicely and was a quick read. I found Fransesca to be a little exaggerated with getting away with what she did in the story. However the story kept me turning the pages.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

The ending of the book, the climax and closing to the story happened all within the last few pages. There was no real closure to Fransesca for me. Over all I would recommend this book to anyone who loves cute and sweet mystery stories for bedtime or for reading on the bus or train.