Nicola Hart has the hots for Cash Garrison. For years she grew up with Cash and her brother as best friends. Protective of her. She has been fighting the slow burn she feels for him. Cash being her brother’s best friend means off limits. Getting with Cash could mean disaster.

Cash has an attraction to Nicola but his best friend is her brother. For him that means she’s not obtainable. His partying and old habits get old, he finds Nicola is too hard to deny. Nicola finds him irristable. They flirt and play but never take it further. But if he’s to get what he really wants he’ll have to risk family and friendship and stake his claim before he loses her. Nicola gets caught up in some unfortunate situation and she’s going to have to decide if she wants to save her life, her family and Cash.

I will say from the start that this book was a perfect young love romance without being completely over run with sexy scenes. Cristin gave characters you could fall in love with, cheer on and want the next book in the series. My favorite character out of all the book is Cash of course. This was not a hot and heavy sex scene filled book. Steamy from emotion and situation without going over board!

I give this book 5 of 5 stars

The ending will make your draw drop and run out to get the next book. Well written, great story and the plots and twists where at the right places. Believable characters!