PC Sarah Gladstone is visiting her mother when a storm hits and the town is flooded with no way out. A priest is murdered and there’s a journal of his that is left holding secrets of the townspeople. Sarah is called on to solve the murder. No forensic team and no support and there’s a killer on the loose.

The towns eyes are watching her every move. As she investigates and the water recedes there’s news crews flying in and finally there’s support. But is the forensic team and support too late?

I have never picked up a book without reading the tidbits to see if it’s something I’d like until this book. It was a blind read. I couldn’t put it down at all. I really was involved with the story. It kept me gripped every moment with various characters who had their own motives. All believable! The story was smooth with twists that had me thinking that one person was the murderer and the next page had me changing my mind. This book for me will be a revisit before I read book #2.

I give this 5 of 5 stars

I have read a free sample of book #2 bringing Sarah to yet another mysterious series of events and it is on my To Buy List in the future.