Tom Stokes is a bush pilot who ventures out to make some repairs on a remote hunting camp. It’s going to be the worst day of his life when a storm squall hits on his return home forcing him to do an emergency landing with his cessna. He crashes into a lake side cabin and finds himself in the lap of a fugitive of the law who is also running from his brother who is a drug lord. He finds he’s got to save himself, his pregnant wife and small son. 

This book is fast paced and doesn’t didn’t leave me waiting for the next adrenaline rush. Dark and comical in places. I was giggling, cheering and shaking my head hoping the drama didn’t end with disappointment. Incredibly great story with a well written story plot. Characters had beautifully written arcs that really had me doing “whoa, awesome!” at the end of the book.

This book I give 4.5 of 5 stars (Only because I wanted more!)


This book will stay in my collection and I know in the future I’ll re-read it several times! Sean Costello really delivered with this book! My favorite part was Tom’s crash *big grin*. A must read for anyone who enjoys thrillers that have dark moments along with some giggles and grins.