A cold war bunker now used for a tourist destination. Dan and his parents visit and while inside the world is enveloped with darkness. Dan investigates and finds there is more to the bunker than just being a vacation destination to tour.

Ok that’s pretty much the story with bits here and there regarding Dan’s twin dying in an accident, a mysterious man who was driving the car that hit his twin. Strange things happen in the bunker.

I give this book 3 of 5 stars

This is a first book in a trilogy and I’m hoping beyond all hope that the second and third books give more insight into Dan and what really is going on with the bunker. Hints and scenes through this book give suggestions that some higher force is in charge and is destroying or remaking the world outside.

I found the book to have a great story idea but the characters where under developed. The writing seemed more questioning than a narrative. I unfortunately will not be buying the remaining books even though my curiosity is enough to read them if I didn’t have to pay just to see if they expand on what’s missing in this first one.

A disapointment although the concept of a bunker with a different purpose than the usual “post apocalyptic hideout” is a bonus. I think this book could have gone further with the story.