This is a story of a family. Nathan and his Wife and two sons trek after a nuclear holocaust to his childhood hometown. Having to run from radiation, survive attacks and make dire choices. They risk losing their humanity.

But if they can make it back to the family home they may have a chance. There’s a lot to be done and even the people in town and the surrounding area are having to struggle to get back to a normal life. With a man and his military group trying to conquer and take a hold, War is on the doorstep even after nuclear strikes. Nathan and his sons are called to lead and fight yet again.

This book started a little slow for me. I found it hard to get into but once I did the story flowed nicely and I was turning pages to find out what the characters would decide next. Believable characters, and believable story. Twists and turns kept the story from being flat.

I give this book 4.5 of 5 stars

I have read other Ryan King books and always look forward more. This book was a slow start for me because it starts after the nuclear strike. I think it would have been a faster start and would have hooked me from the first page if it had of started with the start of the strikes. Knowing the who and why would have added more to the story for me. But it is a very well written book if you can use a bit of imagination as to the “prologue” that wasn’t included.